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happy relationship, not by coincidence, not to build and talk. Even though it may be true that someone who makes you happy and start a relationship, because to fulfill this, people, times, situations, attitudes and changes personalities - you can be sure. But you can keep a happy relationship - if you have these six things: First Consciousness - The realization that to keep learning about yourself and others - and how these things relate to each other - is the first step to identify the other ingredients to a happy relationship. Without knowing it to find more happiness and to overcome the awareness or belief that it is to find a recipe for the creation of IT - or a card - so do not start from the search, and no effort would be initiated be. Second Incentive - simply must have a reason to do something.

And if it still potentially difficult or too long - to build a relationship, for example - then the incentives will likely be very large. Seriously consider what happiness is worth to you. Seriously consider its priorities and how to fit the happiness of others. Third, Layout - If you are ready to learn, work for what you want, or change, so I just not a very important part in a happy and successful one. Sacrifice is a fundamental relationship skills.

Fourth Intent - To have a happy relationship, you decide you want a happy and make your intention. Fifth Strategy / Plan - Everything you build or some sort of plan - a recipe, a plan to require a battle plan, and created a happy relationship that you plan to require new responses to particular situations and develop new strategies to improve relationship on a daily basis. Sixth Tools / Techniques - Opportunities to plan and something that is not always sufficient. There are many tools and techniques to help you tension, stress, anxiety, and negative or limiting beliefs so you can hear more clearly and make better decisions on the advice of his heart. Electronic Funds Transfer, Z-Point, TAT, Psych-K and hypnosis are examples of tools used to create a balanced life and relationships.

Love is not on this list because not all romantic relationships in nature, but all relationships require at least these six elements. Although many marriages are arranged or formed by a reason other than love. In these relationships, love can develop when you are working together to build a strong and happy. The only alternative is to be unhappy and unfulfilled - that ultimately lead to disease. The last circumstance, of course, includes the following six lines - and love.

Try it yourself and see if you combine the right ingredients, you have a recipe for success.


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